Where To Buy Silver Shield Art Rounds

New Silver Shield releases can be purchased directly from the Golden State Mint, and from participating dealers. The mint offers new releases every week, each having a purchase window lasting about a week.

The Silver Shield Group also offers special releases to "advanced members" who subscribe yearly for this purpose, and who may also participate in the online forums of the group. Subscription is available via this link.

Importantly, there are also several re-sellers in the secondary market, mainly on ebay, and sometimes via their own websites. Re-sellers typically sell all releases in their public sphere. The guide identifies which releases are member releases, and which are public releases.

The Silver Shield Guide store has a continuously rotating selection of rounds for sale also.

And please check-out these other Silver Shield re-sellers: 


                        ebay Store

Silver Shield Express

         Custom Website                                ebay Store

Note To Re-Sellers:

If you would like your ebay store or website listed on this page, please insert into your listings the phrase "Google 'Silver Shield Guide' to learn more about the Silver Shield Collection" and email your store link to john@silvershieldguide.com

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