An Exciting Investment Class: Rare Meaningful Art In Real Money

All you need to know about investing in Silver Shield

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Welcome to the Online Silver Shield Guide!



Kickstarter Launching Soon!

The 2022 annual guide will be moving to a 60 day Kickstarter campaign beginning August 1, 2021.

All 2022 guides and website subscriptions that will ever be available, will only be available through this campaign.

If the campaign goal is not met, this Silver Shield Guide project will end, a 2022 guide will not be published, and this website will go dark on November 1, 2021.

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The Kickstarter campaign link will be posted here when the campaign goes live on or about August 1, 2021.

Now In Its 6th Year of Publication (Thanks To Your Support!) 

 2016 1st Edition 2016 2nd Edition 2017 Edition 2018 Edition2019 Edition   2020 Edition     

2021 printed guides are still available. Visit store to order.

The 2021 Silver Shield Guide has all you need to know about investing in Silver Shield, including all releases, mintage, and value data on more than 340 designs and 925 releases since 2012 to 2020 inclusive.

Over 400 pages of content in a 8.5" x 11" format, once again available in a viewable/printable color downloadable PDF digital file, as well as hard and soft cover, and coil bound printed versions, shipped directly from the printer to you.

This year's guide recognizes recognizes the 10 year anniversary of Silver Shield, beginning with Chris Duane's 2011 seminal document entitled "The Silver Bullet and Silver Shield", followed by minting of first designs in 2012.

Use the guide's reference numbers to clearly identify your round when buying, selling, or cataloging your collection.


Order Options:

At left is an example page of information for a single art round design , which information is the same in the digital guide, printed guide, and online guide. Click here or on the image to see a larger version.

1. 2021 Annual Digital Guide, $12.99 USD

You will be directed to a download page to immediately download your PDF guide after purchase. You will also be emailed a download link and a receipt from the download service, SendOwl.  Purchase securely with credit card or Paypal. Click here to order.

2. 2021 Annual Printed Guides, $22.99 to $42.99 plus shipping USD

Your choice of soft cover, coil bound, or hard cover.  Visit the store to order. 

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